How it works


For brand owners

Become a BeautyRocketeer

Register as a brand owner and start listing your products. If you have a large product portfolio you can add products in bulk via our powerful tools.

Ship your products

Ship your products to our warehouse, we will take care for all of your outbound logistics. In this way we can promise very fast and efficient deliveries to the retailers.

Start Selling

After we have received your products you can start selling! As soon as you start selling we will deposit the payments directly to your bank account. You will receive an e-mail after each payment.

Custom Installation order

To give retailers the best possible way to START with your brand, craft your own installation order with POS materials.

Adjust your assoritment to the changing needs of your customers in a few clicks.


You are able to set MSRP prices for retailers to give them a direction for their sales margin.

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